Senior Resource Guide

Falk Cornell and Associates Senior Resource Guide

Our clients frequently ask for referrals for various professional services. As our clients and their family members age, they are looking for referrals for assisted living facilities, medical supplies, moving companies specializing in helping elderly clients, and much more. These requests usually come when a family faces a serious situation and must act quickly. In order to best serve our clients, we have decided to create our own comprehensive resource guide for senior services. We cannot do this without your help. We understand how difficult this is for families and we hope you will share your knowledge to help others facing the same situation. If you recently used any elder care service on the peninsula and have feedback-positive or negative-please share it with us. You can contact Jenna at (650) 463-1550 or via email If you need information the law firm has compiled a booklet, but please remember– it is a work in progress. With the help of our clients, we have recently released our second edition and will continue to make edits as we receive information.

Thank you to everyone who has taken time to provide us with comments and feedback!


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