About my Family under the Legacy Plan:

Mar 15, 2018

Another section in our red client estate planning binder is the Legacy Plan.  The Legacy Plan tab comprises of two (2) separate sections, the “Estate Planning Letter” and “About my Family.”  This blog focuses on the “About my Family” section of the Legacy Plan.

Many of our clients have expressed an interest in wanting to put together a memoir about their lives to share with their family and friends but do not know where to start or even how to organize their thoughts.  With this in mind, we have come up with and provided the section of “About my Family.” This is an organized means of expressing your thoughts and feeling of various events that have taken place during your lifetime.  Some of the questions asked are about your family history, parents, siblings, childhood experiences, and young adulthood.  This guide is fairly comprehensive and really asks you to dig deep down for those answers.  Clients find it to be a very rewarding experience as it takes them down memory lane.

This section is intended to be a work in process.  You’ll probably start filling things in and then come back to revisit the legacy and perhaps fill in some more of the information from time to time.  We hope our clients find the memoir useful and available when they are ready.

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