California Legislature Has Imposed a New Recording Fee:

Jan 31, 2018

(SB-2 Building Homes and Jobs Act)

Commencing January 01, 2018, as well as the standard recording fees per document, the California Legislature has imposed an additional new recording fee of $75.00 per parcel for each piece of real property you own, not including your owner-occupied residence. A recorded document fee shall not exceed an additional $225.00.  This law was created by Senate Bill 2 which was approved by the Governor on September 29, 2017. The bill may be found at and enter 2 as the bill number and it is the 6th bill listed.  The stated purpose of this new fee is to increase the funding for homeless shelters and affordable housing in California.

If you own more than one piece of real property, any property which is not your owner-occupied residence will be assessed the additional $75.00 per parcel fee.  For example, if the property has 2 parcels, then there is an additional $150.00 plus the standard recording fees per document.

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