2018 Senior Resource Guide

/ By: Heather Russell

Category: Senior Resource Guide

We are in the process of updating our Senior Resource Guide and would love any recommendations you, your friends and family would like to share with us.   Our senior guide contains resources such as...

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Seasons Change

/ By: Jenna Gimarelli

Category: Fall, Trust, Will

It seems as though we were just celebrating the fact that the weather was getting warmer and summer activities were about to commence. As fast as you could look to the left and look to...

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Distributing Your Personal Items:

/ By: Jayashree Kathardekar, paralegal

Category: Estate Planning Letter

We all have sentimental personal items, some with little market value and some more valuable, which we wish to leave to family members and friends.  These items can include jewelry, family heirlooms, and artwork or...

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Identity Fraud

/ By: Kim Barrot, Attorney

Category: Identity Theft, Senior Citizens

With senior citizens increasingly being the victims of identity fraud, with a nearly 24 percent increase in cases from 2012-2014 when 2.6 million incidents were recorded, Medicare will be issuing new Medicare cards to its...

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