Distributing Your Personal Items:

/ By: Jayashree Kathardekar, paralegal

Category: Estate Planning Letter

We all have sentimental personal items, some with little market value and some more valuable, which we wish to leave to family members and friends.  These items can include jewelry, family heirlooms, and artwork or...

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Identity Fraud

/ By: Kim Barrot, Attorney

Category: Identity Theft, Senior Citizens

With senior citizens increasingly being the victims of identity fraud, with a nearly 24 percent increase in cases from 2012-2014 when 2.6 million incidents were recorded, Medicare will be issuing new Medicare cards to its...

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Compassion & Choices

/ By: Heather Russell

Category: End of Life Planning

In May, Falk Cornell & Associates, LLP hosted two seminars for our clients on End-Of-Life Planning. We hope everyone found them to be informative. We had two amazing speakers from Compassion & Choices. They provided...

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Appointment Scheduling

/ By: Jayashree Kathardekar, paralegal

Category: Appointments, Estate Planning

Believe it or not, scheduling appointments for our clients can be challenging! We try to recognize and respect your schedule and accommodate the needs of all of our clients while we find a mutually agreeable...

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