Article: “The problems with doing your own estate planning”

Oct 9, 2017

I was searching the newsfeed when this article caught my attention. I think this is a good read because, while many people understand the complexities of estate planning, many do not. This article seems to address while do it yourself options are available, individuals should take precaution. When individuals do their own planning they are expected to answer questions correctly, despite that they may not completely understand the intent of the question or the tax consequences of such decision. By meeting with an estate planning attorney, you have the benefit of their experience. An attorney can help you navigate through the necessary documents while addressing your family’s concerns, meeting your goals and saving future legal expenses and tax dollars. We suggest you weed out some of the misconceptions of having an estate plan vs. not having one and the result of such decisions. We also suggest you compare the services you receive and the costs associated. A valuable estate plan will be less expensive in the end. Article:


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