To Give or Not to Give

/ By: Serra Falk Goldman, Estate Planning Attorney

Category: Gifting, Inheritance

that is the question. Or maybe, more accurately, the question is ‘how’ to give. At least once a month I receive an email that reads something like this: Serra, I was talking to my friends...

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Money or Relationships

/ By: Jenna Gimarelli

Category: Schwarzenegger, Trust Fund

In the beginning of January, news broke out that Patrick Schwarzenegger was given the ultimatum by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver that he needed to end his relationship with Miley Cyrus or he would lose...

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How (and will) you leave money to your children?

/ By: Rochelle Falk, Marketing & Client Relations Director

Category: Estate Planning, Inheritance

I read in the news today the musician Sting, does not plan to leave any money for his children to inherit when he and his wife die. Their plan is to spend it all!...

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