How (and will) you leave money to your children?

/ By: Rochelle Falk, Marketing & Client Relations Director

Category: Estate Planning, Inheritance

I read in the news today the musician Sting, does not plan to leave any money for his children to inherit when he and his wife die. Their plan is to spend it all!...

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Estate Planning Seminars:

/ By: Heather Russell

Category: General, Seminars

We hosted our last estate planning seminar for the year 2014, but do not worry there will be more to come in 2015. If you were unable to attend one of our estate planning seminars...

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Restatement-What is That?

/ By: Jayashree Kathardekar, paralegal

Category: Restatement

A restatement of a revocable living trust revises or amends all of a trust’s provisions. A restatement of trust completely replaces all provisions of the original revocable living trust from beginning to end and it...

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2015 Federal Estate & Gift Tax Exemption Update

/ By: Kimberly N. Thomas Attorney at Law

Category: IRS, Taxes

Well, we have been waiting for it and it is finally here! The IRS has announced the annual inflation adjustments for 2015. The unified federal gift and estate tax exemption, including the amount an individual...

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Fall is here

/ By: Heather Russell

Category: Advance Health Care Directive

As autumn arrives and the leaves begin to fall so does the beginning of flu season. Please get your flu shots early this year to avoid being sick with the flu. Also please take a...

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