Summer Special

/ By: Jenna Gimarelli

Category: Estate Planning, Summer Special

We have a summer estate planning special just for you! If you have come to one of our seminars or to our office for a consultation, you can save $390-$590 by setting up your estate...

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/ By: Lisa Kajani, Attorney at Law

Category: Trust Administration

The majority of our clients have living trusts as a very important component of their estate plans.  One of the advantages of having a living trust is that, if properly funded, it allows the estate...

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How (and will) you leave money to your children?

/ By: Rochelle Falk, Marketing & Client Relations Director

Category: Children, Inheritance

I read in the news today the musician Sting, does not plan to leave any money for his children to inherit when he and his wife die.   Their plan is to spend it all!!...

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