Pet Trusts

/ By: Jenna Gimarelli

Category: Pet Trusts

Nowadays approximately 37-47% of all households in the United States have a dog and 30-37% of households have a cat. (Source APPA; Pets are as common as children, and for many people, pets ARE...

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/ By: Heather Russell

Category: Consent, Divorce

I know it is not a pretty word, but unfortunately it may be an issue you are facing in your life. Did you and your soon-to-be-separated spouse establish an estate plan with Falk, Cornell &...

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No it’s not the IRS calling you!

/ By: Ana McCune

Category: IRS

I just read a very interesting article from the San Francisco Chronicle. It discussed the largest scam targeting seniors. Its starts with a random phone call with the caller identifying himself as an agent from...

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